Struggling with sales? Join the club! I’ve tried to outline some common mistakes I’ve seen sales people, startups, and even large organizations struggle with over the years. I believe startups are in a unique position to figure this out early – hopefully you find some insight for your startup. Read on…

So often I’ve seen great sales people with great solutions waste valuable time planning and researching and waiting until things are in a “unicorn state” (which basically doesn’t exist) before they attempt to go out and actually SELL.

Worse yet, many times they haven’t even thought about creating any type of sales plan or program to help ensure targeted success.

Startups are no different! And the bottom line is:

  • Whether you’re good at sales or not
  • No matter how amazing your pitch is for investment money
  • And no matter how great your company/offering is


You Still Have to Figure Out How to Sell at Some Point!!!

If you haven’t started a formal sales plan/program –  you need to!

As a mentor, I’ve seen startups, working so feverishly on finding investors and/or funding sources that they haven’t even considered that they may have a sellable offering right now.

That doesn’t mean to stop all of your efforts for investors – chances are good you’ll still need that too! But if you are reading this and you feel like you have not done an evaluation to determine if and how you might start selling your solutions today – you may want to consider it.

All startups should incorporate this practice into their business planning (early and revisit often) It should be a valuable exercise whether you find options to begin selling now or not.

You might be surprised how much you learn and it’s possible to create your sales plan/program at the same time – which can also prove to be valuable when presenting to investors and such.

Finding this hidden gem isn’t going to happen for everyone of course but I write this today and talk about it with anyone who will listen; because it isn’t as rare as you might think.

In closing: if any of this sparks ideas, or creates curiosity, even confusion for you – take some time and connect with one of the sales experts who might be able to help you map out your sales plan/strategy – it can be incredibly valuable for you!

Good selling and until next time,

Jason Ashton