Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Inclusion Policies

ITEN mentors are required to adhere to the following policies. Mentors will be removed from ITEN if they knowingly violate them.

Confidentiality Policy

ITEN can only be effective if entrepreneurs trust the confidentiality of our mentors. ITEN must maintain its reputation as an organization that respects and upholds the confidentiality of proprietary information that is shared by our startups.

Mentors will not discuss outside of ITEN the names of the companies nor the products, strategies and services they are developing without the startup company’s specific permission to do so.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Mentors must avoid any conflict of interest that may influence their judgment or advice given to a company. Please bring any issues that could be such a conflict to the attention of the Executive Director before they impact your functioning as a mentor. Conflicts of interest may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Discussions about joining the company
  • Discussions about becoming a contractor, consultant or service provider to the company
  • Being involved with a competitor to the company
  • The company is involved with someone the mentor has a personal relationship with, such as family, friends, or other business interests.
  • Discussions about becoming an investor in the company may or may not be a conflict of interest.  Please bring these to the attention of the Executive Director as soon as possible so ITEN is aware of them and can determine if they constitute a conflict or not.

Inclusion Policy

Recognizing that our region and the tech community specifically depend for their future vitality on increasing the active participation of women, minorities, immigrants, veterans and others; mentors will be respectful and welcoming to all, and particularly to members of under represented populations.  ITEN will be a driving force for cultural inclusion and harmony among all races, ethnicities, and people of all political, religious and sexual orientation preferences.

Contact us with any questions on these policies.