Popwallet is Enabling Contactless Consumer Experiences Through Mobile Wallet Marketing

May 29, 2020 – Popwallet enables brands to deliver contactless consumer experiences through mobile wallet marketing including coupons, loyalty, and gift cards, tickets, and other light-weight branded content that lives in mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

With handling , germ-laden credit cards, dirty cash and coins,paper coupons, and plastic loyalty and gift cards no longer being an option, Popwallet sees this as an opportunity. With people acting differently post COVID they will be looking for “contactless” ways to interact in their environments.

People will still shop in stores and attend events and go places, but their expectations will be different than before as they demand contactless transactions and experiences. Dirty cash and credit cards will no longer be an option for many. This is where Popwallet sees they can help brands satisfy this new demand.

For Popwallet’s guidebook for brands to learn how mobile wallets can enable contactless consumer experiences at scale, Click Here.