Participate in ITEN’s 10 for 10 Campaign Now thru Nov. 20th

October 9, 2018

Hello Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and Community Partners!

Today we are launching the 10 for 10 campaign in celebration of ITEN’s 10th Anniversary – our goal is raise $10K to deliver programs and services to tech startups by November 20th.   In the last ten years we have supported over 900 entrepreneurs in the validation and commercialization of new tech innovation.  They in turn are delivering economic impact to our community in the form of over 1,300 jobs created, $3M in monthly revenue and over $180M in funding secured.  I hope you will take a moment to hear directly from tech entrepreneur Chris Deck about how ITEN supported him in his journey.

What can $10K do? 

  • 200 one-hour consultation sessions with EIR’s. Providing $30K in professional consulting services value in the form of executive-level guidance and leadership to early stage startups who lack expertise at a critical time in the commercialization process.
  • 10 companies gain access to programs that allows them to complete our Investor Readiness Program including Mock Angels (MA). This empowered 77% of our MA Graduates to raise 180 Million in funding to grow their businesses and create jobs.
  • 40 Roundtable sessions that engages over 600 entrepreneurs in detailed topic discussions at our signature 2nd Thursday event.

In celebration of ITEN’s 10th Anniversary we hope you will join the campaign by providing a contribution today!

With gratitude,

Mary Louise Helbig

Executive Director, ITEN