Manufacturers’ Inventory and the Health Call List Graduated from Mock Angel Training

ITEN Mock Angels
Two more ITEN companies graduated our Mock Angel program in November.  Manufacturers’ Inventory and the Health Call List both completed the Mock Angel pitch preparation as well as the rigor of Due Diligence at ITEN.  The following is a brief description of each company:
Manufacturers’ Inventory  ( )
Manufacturers’ Inventory is the online resource that helps give new life to unused, surplus industrial parts and components by connecting Buyers & Sellers.
Sellers maximize cash returns for their unused parts; Buyers get the parts they need, now.
Health Call List ( )
Health Call List connects patient communities to medical experts directly through topical video chat, while protecting patient privacy, encouraging participation and getting critical questions answered.
ITEN is going to notify its investor networks that Manufacturers’ Inventory and Health Call List are worthy of serious consideration and review. Congratulations to both companies’ founders and their teams.