ITEN announces 3 more 2017 Mock Angel Graduates!

ITEN Mock Angels

Congratulations Mock Angel Graduates:  AdSwapper, BuildChain and IncentiLock

We are pleased to announce that these three companies have successfully completed our rigorous Mock Angel program and have the endorsement of ITEN’s mentor and EIR groups. 

 Founder Amos Angelovici and his team created a mobile app that empowers consumers to claim their share of the mobile advertising industry by paying them for the ads they see in on their mobile phones.  AdSwapper (  launched in July 2017 and have been focused on building their user community and Demand Side Partners (DSP) network of advertising exchanges.  At year-end 2017, AdSwapper exceeded their goals with 17K user installations of their mobile app and 50M ad views.

For more information contact Amos Angelovici (

 BuildChain ( is a technology company for streamlining compliance  and payments for the construction industry, specifically focused on the needs of Banks and Construction Managers.  Built on BlockChain technology, an innovative financial securitization platform, BuildChain’s application ensures all information in the system is completely secure, traceable and provides all stakeholders with a single source of validated data for the management of construction projects.  BuildChain is currently piloting the product.

For more information, contact Tom Niermann (

IncentiLock ( is a technology company offering an innovative suite of cloud-based SaaS solutions for economic development projects that make compliance easier and more efficient for States and companies.

  • IncentiLock Report Companies use the platform to manage total incentive package awards, calculate jobs benefits, and complete periodic filings.  
  • IncentiLock Audit is used by States to monitor awards, validate benefits, and compare jobs programs against competing States. 
  • IncentiLock Control offers an automatic, single-system data request for the collection of all data required to complete periodic filings by developers,  property managers and community managers (i.e. incubators, accelerators) under funding, census, government agency (e.g. SBA, HUD,EDA, EEOC, etc.), and various tax credit/abatement programs (e.g. TIF, CID, NMTC, HTC, etc.) information requests.

IncentiLock tools can be integrated with various CRM and payroll platforms to reduce time spent gathering information.   (note: IncentiLock is awaiting final WBE approval from MO).  The first multi-year contract has been secured and customers are currently using IncentiLock Report.  Plans have been developed to pilot IncentiLock Audit with several States in 2018 and for a consortium of companies to pilot IncentiLock Control in the spring of 2018.

For more information contact Jane Vancil (