ITEN Graduates Two More Companies from the Mock Angel Program

ITEN has two more Mock Angel graduate companies to add to its roster. Sitting Duck Advertising and Deck Commerce have passed both the rigor of the Mock Angel pitch presentation review as well as completing a due diligence process for investors. ITEN has notified its investor networks that Sitting Duck and Deck Commerce are worthy of serious consideration and review.

sitting duck logo

Sitting Duck Advertising is a revolutionary digital advertising display located in high traffic public restrooms, which creates an addressable and targeted advertising ecosystem for viewers and advertisers alike.Sitting Duck’s display not only provides advertising clients with an uninterrupted and targeted medium for their company’s message, but also encourages interaction by giving the viewers a convenient shelf to place their personal belongings. Through their digital model, Sitting Duck will be capable of wirelessly managing their advertisements to target a specific audience through real time data collection, product locations and other variables to reach their client’s ideal viewers. “We knew that we had a captive audience and a proven business model with our previous print ad model, and our digital platform is going to close the gaps in scalability and full value to our venues and advertising partners. We’re bringing IoT to the bathroom in a secure and valuable way, and everyone is winning in the end.” Stated Brian Lord, President and CEO of Sitting Duck Advertising.

Deck Commerce was started in 1998 as Deck Internet Solutions. They were a services company focused on their passion to solve business problems related to eCommerce by leveraging technology. In 2015 the company re-branded and launched their flagship eCommerce platform. Deck Commerce. Deck Commerce is the culmination of 15+ years of experience helping companies maximize their eCommerce potential. Engineered as a world-class transactional platform with powerful eCommerce functionality and integration capabilities, Deck Commerce is uniquely positioned to provide compelling value to customers, partners and employees alike. “The ITEN Mock Angel program has been an extremely valuable experience. Thanks to the “pitch practices” and due diligence process, I feel much more prepared to raise money from institutional investors. More importantly was the feedback and mentoring support from the EIR’s, which were truly insightful and helpful throughout the entire program. Starting a new technology venture is challenging in so many ways, and thanks to the ITEN Mock Angel program I feel prepared to take my business to the next level.” Stated Christopher Deck, President of Deck Commerce.

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