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Mentor Characteristics and Impact: 

Mentors who are serial entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts and/or community influencers that want to give back to the community.
Can donate a reasonable amount of time and most importantly experience in business. Each of us had advised from multiple people when starting out.
This is your opportunity to be a “Go-Giver” and give to others what you have been given!

Mentor Base Commitment per calendar year.

Mentoring : 
*1.5 hours of Mentor Office time
*10 hours of Mentoring time to start ups
*1 ITEN new company intake meeting
Choose one of the following …
*Create a Roundtable/Microshop/panel session at 2nd Thursday at Venture Cafe.
*Create one usable content (blog, white paper, presentation or other document) on topic of expertise .

Communication : 
*Participate using Slack to communicate with other members.
*Contribute to advice board
*Attend Quarterly Mentor Breakfast meetings
*Report Mentor activity as requested

Mentor Catalyst Commitment: 
*Help energize and keep mentors engaged
*Make at least one new mentor referral
*Champion events and show support
*Support other mentors

For more information about how mentors operate in ITEN, please spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with how ITEN mentoring functions .

If you’d like to become an ITEN mentor, here are the steps:

  • Read and become familiar with our policies: the confidentiality, conflict of interest and inclusion policies. You will affirm your promise to adhere to these policies in the application.
  • Fill out the Mentor Application
  • Have a Meeting with us…




“The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with risk, uncertainty and scarcity of resources. I mentor founders and startups so that they can successfully negotiate these challenges and accelerate their success.”  – Chuck Vallurupalli, Mentor,  EIR


“Serving as a mentor with ITEN has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities in my career. I have truly enjoyed working with these talented entrepreneurs and have grown alongside the many companies I’ve mentored.” – Jane Vancil , Mentor, EIR




“I mentor because it is a mutually beneficial experience! I learn new things from “Mentees” and I certainly hope they gain value from me and my past experience.” – Mary Louise Helbig, Mentor, EIR