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ITEN Mentors are serial entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts and/or community influencers. Mentors are the backbone of ITEN’s value delivery, and provide critical advice and direction to our early stage companies.

Mentors work individually with ITEN ventures via our Mentor Match (An online search and matching tool enables ITEN startups to quickly search all mentors and find the expertise or connections they need ) and many also participate in one or more of the curriculum of programs that ITEN offers: Concept Development, Business Model Validation, Mock Angels and Corporation Engagement program.

For more information about how mentors operate in ITEN, please spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with how ITEN mentoring functions.

If you’d like to become an ITEN mentor, here are the steps:

  • Read and become familiar with our policies: the confidentiality, conflict of interest and inclusion policies. You will affirm your promise to adhere to these policies in the application.
  • Fill out the Mentor Application
  • Have a Meeting with us…




“The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with risk, uncertainty and scarcity of resources. I mentor founders and startups so that they can successfully negotiate these challenges and accelerate their success.”  – Chuck Vallurupalli, Mentor,  EIR


“Serving as a mentor with ITEN has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities in my career. I have truly enjoyed working with these talented entrepreneurs and have grown alongside the many companies I’ve mentored.” – Jane Vancil , Mentor, EIR




“I mentor because it is a mutually beneficial experience! I learn new things from “Mentees” and I certainly hope they gain value from me and my past experience.” – Mary Louise Helbig, Mentor, EIR