ITEN accelerates IT ventures that are often of interest to investors. In some regions of the US, there is very little deal flow and investors must look elsewhere to find opportunities. In other areas deal flow may be robust, but bidding among investors results in inflated valuations. St. Louis is now generating a surprising number of quality tech startups relative to the size of our metropolitan area. For savvy investors, this means good deal flow at reasonable valuations.

ITEN’s Mock Angel Program prepares ventures for investor consideration. Startups admitted to ITEN work with a select group of mentors who are angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, before they go out into the market. Progressing through the Mock Angel program often results in critical pivots and accelerated venture development.

Investors who join ITEN are notified by email as soon as we have a new Mock Angel Graduate.

ITEN makes no representation as to the suitability of any company for investment. All startup companies involve significant risk for the investor and ITEN companies are no exception.

To join as an Investor, fill out the Investor Application