Insurtech: The 2.5 Billion Market Opportunity & How Startups Can Play a part

On Feb. 23rd, Thursday, RGAx and ITEN gave a great presentation and discussion on the opportunities about Insurtech, the discussion session was moderated by ITEN Executive Director, Francis Chmelir. RGAx global innovation leaders leading by Mark Showers shared their primary innovation areas of focus and how successful collaboration with the startup community across the world. The insurance industry today is ripe for innovation and disruption. During the session, two ITEN entrepreneurs also shared their experience engaging with RGAx and told the audience how they are moving their concepts forward with RGAx. RGAx is one of partners of ITEN’s Corporation Engagement Program, a program to bring together tech startup ventures and regional corporations in innovative ways to help both overcome barriers to rapid growth. In Nov. 2016 Chuck Vallurupalli, Senior EIR of ITEN, was leading the RGAx and ITEN innovation session along with a group of ITEN EIRs, mentors and entrepreneurs joined the RGAx innovation process. The discussion had a number of great points and advice on how local startups can play a part in this huge market opportunities.