ITEN Inclusion Initiative Statement

Our entrepreneur founders come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.
By tracking the origins of our founders’ entrepreneurial journeys, ITEN can continue to tweak our programming to serve a diverse base of entrepreneurs. A top goal of ITEN is to continue to expand the St. Louis tech ecosystem and reach out to those typically underrepresented in tech entrepreneurship. We have a strong belief that the more diverse the input, the more successful the outcome. This belief drives our programming, partnerships and mentor and company recruitment.

ITEN inclusion initiative was started in 2013 to address the diversity gap in tech startups.
Our vision is to promote the development of an innovative and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.  We will accomplish this through an active recruitment strategy and practice that includes linking entrepreneur education centers, engaging leadership from support organizations and connecting experienced mentors with entrepreneurs from underrepresented populations.

Below is the demographic of ITEN entrepreneurs. Through different channels of outreach and programs, ITEN strive to increase the number of entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups.

Female: 21%
Male: 79%
African American: 17%
Asian: 9%
Caucasian: 68%
Hispanic: 4%
Native American: 1%

We already have an ongoing activity related to Inclusion? Can we collaborate?

Yes. We understand that addressing the diversity gap in St. Louis startups community is not something ITEN could tackle alone. We would be delighted to collaborate with your organization on specific inclusion aspects. Below are the list of our current partners.





CET Square One Program

What are some of your initiatives for 2016?

We have a lot of exciting events scheduled for 2016. Please see the events page for more information.  We are also working on these key initatives:

– VISION 2016 – September 21, 2016: A regional symposium aimed at building a wholly-inclusive, diverse innovation community. We welcome anyone seeking to learn more about opportunities in bioscience, IT and advanced manufacturing. Learn about the numerous opportunities in these growing industries and find your fit!

Hack4Hope – October 1st, 2016: Hack4Hope will bring a group of underserved St. Louis students together with mentors, business leaders, and technology experts for a fast-paced workshop. Students will realize their power to make an idea into a real technology product!

The hackathon helps prepare teens for innovative careers.  Attendance means membership in our Hack4Hope Academy—a network of young entrepreneurs who learn technology to succeed.  Hack4Hope Academy provides STEAM educational opportunities and events to help heal the social and economic divisions of St. Louis. Most of all, we’ll have fun!

Special Thanks to JP Morgan Chase for Sponsoring Our Inclusion Initiative.


  Inclusion Events Sign Up Form 

Past Events

September 21, 2016

4:00 – 8:30 PM – St. Louis Community College – Forest Park

Keynote Speaker: Ainissa Ramirez – former Yale engineering professor, named one of the world’s Top 100 Young Innovators and host of a popular podcast, Science Underground.