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6. 9. 16 /   St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown

“Over the next eight years, ITEN helped catalyze the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis. Today, many entrepreneurs and others give a huge amount of credit to Brasunas and ITEN for building connections and thus creating a new network of entrepreneurial support. Indeed, Yasuyuki Motoyama, in a paper coauthored with Karren Watkins at Washington University, points out that the “connections between novice and experienced entrepreneurs” that ITEN facilitated are probably the single-biggest factor in St. Louis’s entrepreneurial emergence.”

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9. 10. 14 /   Examining the Connections within the Startup Ecosystem: A Case Study of St. Louis

The recent growth of the startup scene and entrepreneurial community in St. Louis is incredibly exciting. It means economic progress for the St. Louis region and more jobs available for St. Louis citizens. Many newly formed local assets, such as ITEN, T-Rex, and Arch Grants, are laying a foundation that will have impact for decades to come.

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ITEN Received the Arcus Award for Achievement in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Feb. 26th, 2015

ITEN was recognized for their portfolio of mentorship and acceleration programs which are helping strengthen the rapidly expanding entrepreneurial hub in the St. Louis region.

Gateway to Innovation’s Community Giveback Award

April 2015
ITEN named one of six recipients of Gateway to Innovation Cash Awards of $10,000. This award is in recognition of ITEN’s unique role in supporting and contributing to the growing technology sector in the region.



ITEN winning the Gateway to Innovation Conference’s Community Outreach Award 2014      

 April  2014