Technology Clusters


The majority of ITEN companies fall into one of more of the Technology Clusters to the right. In 2016, ITEN will be structuring its programming around these four areas to streamline focus on industries in which St. Louis has shown success, and where there is critical mass of resources and expertise. This structure also helps when engaging the corporate innovation community, giving them a targeted pathway to areas of interest. ITEN’s Corporate Engagement Program will fully-launch in 2016 with both public and private events connecting tech startups with its corporate partners* in the region.

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  • Infrastructure ,Software, & Mobile Development

    Hardware systems, SaaS, Mobile App etc.

  • Healthcare IT

    St. Louis region industry strength


ITEN’s Technology Clusters are a framework for identifying the companies we serve, our mentors’ expertise and the focus of our programming events. While it is not a requirement for companies to fall into one of these areas, they represent the areas which St. Louis has the tools to address and in which it has shown proven success. The clusters are not mutually-exclusive as companies, mentors and events can fit into more than one cluster.


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