GiftAMeal conducts a 17 month case study with Bloom Café to measure GiftAMeal’s impact on customer behavior.

August 4, 2020 – ITEN Company, GiftAMeal, recently released the findings of a 17 month long study with Partner Bloom Café . Transactions from Bloom Café were split into two groups: customers that used the GiftAMeal app and customers that did not.

The 424 customers that used GiftAMeal, on average: spent 25% more per transaction, returned 20% more frequently, and tipped 34% more than their counterparts who had not used GiftAMeal.

Transactions by customers that used GiftAMeal were segmented into two new groups: transactions before each customer’s first use of GiftAMeal at Bloom Café and those after. Once a customer used GiftAMeal, on average, check size grew 6%, tip size grew 25%, and visit frequency grew 42%.

This indicated that the simple act of using GiftAMeal to ‘give back’ by taking a photo was actually a catalyst for growth in check size, tip size, and visit frequency.

It’s really great to see that companies can do well, while doing good! Congratulations!! To read the entire study check it out on GiftAMeal’s website here!