Your EUREKA Opportunity Awaits….

Participating corporations benefit from developing in-house talent, finding next-gen employees, and gaining access to innovative products and services that transform their business. Through the Eureka program, corporations can support entrepreneurs solving important problems to de-risk their business models and find the best path forward. Corporations can also evaluate internal innovation ideas for market viablity.


Move your Idea from Problem/Solution Fit to Product/Market Fit!

  • LEANSTACK platform provides framework & tools for executing early traction roadmap and customer acquisition strategies
  • Student teams support research & operations projects
  • Corporate community participates as early validators and potential adopters
  • Innovators receive ongoing ITEN commercialization support
  • Tech initiatives become a well-planned, marketable business

Multiple Ways for Corporations to Participate!

Sponsor Startups in The Eureka Experience (inaugural cohort January 2021)

Bring The Eureka Experience to your Corporate Innovation Teams

Be a Mentor or an early-adopting Customer

More on the Benefits

Corporations, mentors, and educational institutions help Eureka innovators avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and money while driving meaningful economic development and corporate growth through validated technology solutions. You can help change the world, solve the next great challenge, and mold the future through viable innovation!


Avoid start-up missteps and expenses that slow progress with business education and mentorship that can turn your idea into a marketable reality!


Scale-up and enhance your workforce as you meet technological demands with innovation and talent that sets you apart from your competition!


Help solve a need and be part of something bigger as you guide an entrepreneur on the journey to a marketable product!


Earn real-life entrepreneurial experience and be on a team that creates a viable tech solution that could change the world!

ITEN’s Eureka Experience program is open to all early stage tech entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs and is embedded within the academic and business communities to establish a strong foundation of partnership and collaboration. This model provides direct benefits to startups, businesses, and students as they collaboratively solve real-world problems that shape our community and economy for the future.

Lindenwood University advances entrepreneurship and innovation by offering students the opportunity to participate in Eureka, where they obtain real-life professional experience and business knowledge by helping program participants validate their ideas and advance toward Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage. Students work hands-on with entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, mentors, and corporations, creating a robust innovation community that delivers positive economic impact.