EUREKA! ITEN’s Startup Commercialization Program (SCP) re-branded and launched

May 7, 2018 – After several months of beta testing and listening to our feedback and suggestions from our wonderful beta testers of the Startup Commercialization Program (SCP), we are happy to announce our new release of our new program…………..EUREKA!

EUREKA!  consists of on-line Validation Modules providing a structured process  that entrepreneurs and teams can use to validate their business model and/or evaluate their own readiness for growth. Starting with the Business Canvas, entrepreneurs and teams, with guidance from a Mentor, can decide which of the Core Modules they want/need to focus on and how fast they want to move through the process. While it is entirely up to each individual and team to decide how much of the process they want to complete and how fast they want to proceed, all Module Surveys are to be completed and approved in order to qualify for EIR and/or Investor Readiness services.

Business Canvas – It all starts with validating your business model using the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas.

Four Core Modules – Essential components of any successful technology venture. Already have these materials? Skip ahead to submit the Module Survey for Mentor review. Need more guidance? Use the Resources for each Module to answer the Survey and engage Mentors with subject matter expertise.

ITEN’S valuable programs and services include:

Mentor Support – Validation and technical expertise as part of initial due diligence. Mentors review Module Surveys to evaluate the preparedness of the entrepreneur/venture before green-lighting advancement to the next stage.

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) – Dedicated support by an ITEN EIR for the entrepreneur after all Modules are completed and you are moving toward the Investor Readiness stage.

Investor Readiness – This is for companies who have demonstrated traction with product and customers. It includes: Mock Angels, Due Diligence, Investor Introductions and Professional Service Perks.

We hope that those that are familiar with the modules can see the hard work and improvements that have been accomplished over these last few months.  We look forward to seeing the progress and successes of our ITEN member companies that do take advantage of our free EUREKA! program.

In order to gain access to EUREKA! you must be logged is as a member of ITEN so if you are not yet registered, visit our homepage at and apply today or login to get started!