The Eureka Experience: Ideation

powered by LEANSTACK

“Life’s too short to make something nobody wants.”

Ash Maurya
Inventor of Lean Canvas & Founder of LEANSTACK
Apply the Continuous Innovation Framework to determine the Desirability, Viability, and Feasibility of your idea!

In Ideation

an 8-week program with 4 workshops & self-guided curriculum

you will learn how to…

  • Overcome “Innovator’s Bias, aka loving your solution more than the problem
  • Test the riskiest assumptions in your business model using the Lean Canvas
  • Build an executable Traction Roadmap based on the goals for your business
  • Develop a strong pitch for customers and other stakeholders

The Ideation component of The Eureka Experience is currently available free-of-charge to ITEN member companies thanks to the generous support of Lindenwood University!

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And COMING in JANUARY 2021 – The Eureka Experience: Validation, the second step on the road to strong product/market fit. Read more here.