Bring together tech startup ventures and corporations in innovative ways to help both overcome barriers to rapid growth

Corporate Innovation Program


The Mission of ITEN’s Corporate Innovation Program (CIP) is to bring together tech startup ventures and regional corporations in innovative ways to help both overcome barriers to rapid growth. We seek to foster symbiotic relationships between established companies that are by nature process-driven; and nimble, out-of-the-box, innovative, startups. These relationships can create significant benefits to both sides by observing, understanding and appreciating each other’s unique accomplishments and modes of operation.

Benefits for startups: CIP can provide introductions to potential new clients and the opportunity of learning specifically what larger corporations are interested in and challenged by, through direct contact with their key decision-makers. In the best case, you’ll find early-adopting new local customers. Even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll get invaluable feedback directly from prospective customers about how your service or product must pivot to meet customer demand.

How it works: ITEN companies opt-in by applying to the Corporate Innovation Program. ITEN works with the corporate partners to select the ventures with the technologies and solutions that are of most interest and potential benefit to the partner or the partners’ customers. Once the connection is made and further interactions are underway between the corporate partner and participating startup, ITEN steps out of the conversation but requires periodic progress updates from you.

We initiate these connections in a number of ways:

Individual Access: ITEN works with each corporate partner to identify key areas of interest and need. Working together, we select startups for connection, giving corporate decision-makers the opportunity to meet each of the startup teams, understand their solutions and technologies, and engage in enough dialogue to determine if there is adequate interest to pursue a deeper relationship.

Speed Dating: ITEN chooses ventures to participate, based upon our analysis, taking into account the interests expressed by our corporate partners. The speed-dating format enables startups to meet a number of corporations in a short period of time. Follow-on open networking provides opportunities for additional discussions and scheduling of later meetings.

Reverse Pitch: Corporate partners are invited to turn the tables and present their needs and challenges to groups of tech startups, individual entrepreneurs, and developers looking for opportunities. Reverse pitches can be either open to all or by invitation-only. The venue can be a public forum (such as ITEN’s monthly 2nd Thursday sessions at Venture Café), or on the corporate partner’s campus. Follow-on discussions about next steps can be held in private, covered by non-disclosure, etc., per the corporate partner’s preferences.

Colocation: It may be advantageous for a startup to collocate for a limited time with a corporate partner, as they work to build joint solutions. Likewise, one or more of the corporation’s staff may be temporarily embedded with the startup, thereby enhancing collaboration and more rapid development. ITEN can be helpful in making these sorts of arrangements.

Ventures that apply to the Corporate Innovation Program agree that ITEN will share some data about their companies with the corporate partners. We will not, however, share your specific revenue or outside funding numbers.

To participate in the program, please login as a startup and submit your application under top menu “My Options”.

How to Access this Application

To access this application, you must log in as a startup and you will find the application under the top menu “My Options“.

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