Whoozini piloting at venture café

Whoozini is the flagship product of 3Bluetin. The company is started by Kaustuv and Sudeep with a vision to create different forms of seamless digital communication between smartphones. On Nov. 10, Whoozini will pilot at venture cafe. With One app to search & connect to people near you, create your own … Read More

AISLE411 – Google Maps Inside a Store

One day in 2007, the year the iPhone launched, Aisle411 Founder and CEO Nathan Pettyjohn was sent on a wild goose chase inside a retail store looking for a surge protector. He then watched another shopper struggling with the same issue to find the product they wanted. Right then, Nathan … Read More

Wells Fargo invests in splicemachine

Wells Fargo invests in @splicemachine through startup accelerator program. Click here to read full article http://www.splicemachine.com/wells-fargo-invests-in-splice-machine-through-startup-accelerator-program/.

Sparo Labs launches campaign for flagship product Wing®

Know someone with asthma? Be the first to get Wing® – NOW LIVE on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wing-the-first-way-to-predict-asthma-attacks#/ ITEN company, Sparo Labs, launches campaign for flagship product, Wing® – the easiest way to measure your lungs. Wing helps you control your asthma with a powerful app and pocket-sized sensor that takes the fear … Read More

Game Development in St. Louis – World Class, Uniquely Midwestern

Imagine yourself sitting back in an auditorium chair. As you look around the gathering space you see 200 people, bantering and pointing wildly at their laptop and smartphone screens. There’s a palpable sense of excitement, an air of the impossible made possible, and as you breathe it in it mixes … Read More