The blockchain world gets more interesting by the day

By David Strom, ITEN mentor. I was at a conference last week where everyone was doing some interesting things with blockchain technology. This is the not-so-secret sauce behind Bitcoin: a transaction log that is verifiable and can be synchronized across distributed servers and still handle multiple trust relationships, where chargebacks … Read More

How to do office hours at 2nd Thursday

By David Strom, ITEN Mentor Every second Thursday of the month, two ITEN mentors offer up their time for anyone, under a program called office hours. Entrepreneurs sign up for 20-minute slots, and can ask whatever they want. Having just gone through the experience, I have a few suggestions on … Read More

Wanted: more women in software

By David Strom The tech business for years has had an awful record of employing and retaining female engineers, and this record is getting worse. Women represent less than a third of the typical firm’s engineering staff, and in some cases such as Twitter only 10% are engineers. Top tech … Read More

The Last Mile for Healthcare Startups

By Paul Boal, Practice Lead Amitech Solutions; ITEN Mentor Healthcare is hot for startups.  There are huge opportunities to improve the healthcare industry: introducing new devices, finding diagnostic and treatment patterns from existing data, and streamlining business operations.  Getting your MVP from the demo environment to an actual customer deployment is likely … Read More

The Importance of Due Diligence

ITEN’s Mock Angels program not only prepares start-ups for pitching to investors, but it also educates founders on the due diligence process that they will encounter as they seek funding or enter into buy-sell agreements. The focus of our due diligence review is to apply an appropriate amount of awareness … Read More

What should a startup do to prepare for crowdfunding?

If you are thinking about using the crowd to fund your startup, you might want to think carefully about why, how and when. Until SEC does finally promulgate the JOBS act regulations, it is mostly illegal. Even when the final rules will be publicized, it still may not be very … Read More

How to Start Your Startup as a Non-Technical Founder

As a non-technical founder of a software company, there are multiple ways to communicate what you want and how you want your app to work to software engineers and developers. In order to increase the likelihood of success, the goal is to make sure they know exactly what you want, … Read More

The Value Of An Entrepreneur In Residence

Entrepreneurs jumping into STL’s startup space bring with them skill, passion and determination to see their companies and ideas succeed. But while passion may keep them going, often the guidance and advice of someone who has been through it all before is the most important piece of the puzzle. As … Read More

What’s Next?

You’ve graduated from ITEN’s Mock Angel Program having refined your business model and your investor pitch. The key question now—the one that has haunted you since you began your entrepreneurial journey… “How will I fund this company? What’s my next step?” Good question. The St. Louis Tech Startup Community has … Read More

Song of the Swan

It’s a privilege to have been the leader of ITEN for the past 7+ years. I feel very grateful for the wonderful people I’ve been able to work with: entrepreneurs, mentors, service providers, sponsors, and the great staff and team of EIRs we’ve been able to assemble. I also feel … Read More