How St. Louis has become a startup mecca

By David Strom Over the past several years, St. Louis has been recognized by a number of national publications as one of the fastest growing startup locations in the country. Having lived here for more than a decade, I have observed this first-hand, working as a volunteer mentor to dozens … Read More

Lessons learned from building software at scale

So you have read The Lean Startup. Suffered through following several agile blogs (such as this one). You think you are ready to join the cool kids and have product scrums and stand-up meetings and all that other stuff. Now you need an implementation plan. Maybe it is time to read … Read More

Everyone is now a software company (again)

By David Strom Several years ago I wrote, “everyone is in the software business. All of the interesting business operations are happening inside your company’s software.” Since then, this trend has intensified. Today I want to share with you three companies that should come under the software label. And while … Read More

The future of St. Louis can be found here

By David Strom I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have lived in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis and never even known about one of the most vibrant college campuses around. I refer to Ranken Technical College, a school that sits just a mile or so … Read More

Microshop- develop your concept to a product

For 2nd Thursday at Venture Café on October 13th, ITEN mentor Margie Skiljan gave a great talk on product development for tech startups.  You can view the video here: The session had a number of great points and advice on how to develop tech products from a startup’s perspective, leveraging … Read More

How to create a great content strategy for your company

By David Strom Does this sound familiar: You don’t have a coherent content marketing program at your company. You have multiple stakeholders and content authors scattered across several divisions, with no single person in charge overall. You don’t have an editorial calendar, or even know what one is. You don’t … Read More

When searching for yourself isn’t just for vanity

How often do you search for yourself or your own business? This isn’t an idle curiosity, and it isn’t just because we have huge egos. There are legitimate business purposes. And I can thank my wife for the idea for this column. My wife owns her own business, an interior … Read More

The blockchain world gets more interesting by the day

By David Strom, ITEN mentor. I was at a conference last week where everyone was doing some interesting things with blockchain technology. This is the not-so-secret sauce behind Bitcoin: a transaction log that is verifiable and can be synchronized across distributed servers and still handle multiple trust relationships, where chargebacks … Read More

How to do office hours at 2nd Thursday

By David Strom, ITEN Mentor Every second Thursday of the month, two ITEN mentors offer up their time for anyone, under a program called office hours. Entrepreneurs sign up for 20-minute slots, and can ask whatever they want. Having just gone through the experience, I have a few suggestions on … Read More

Wanted: more women in software

By David Strom The tech business for years has had an awful record of employing and retaining female engineers, and this record is getting worse. Women represent less than a third of the typical firm’s engineering staff, and in some cases such as Twitter only 10% are engineers. Top tech … Read More