What Have We Learned?

It occurs to me that there’s not much point in going through hard times if we don’t learn the lessons that are there for the taking. It’s obvious to most who bother to notice that on the whole, we humans only make difficult changes for the better when we absolutely … Read More

ITEN Finds Talent, Finds Jobs

I’ve recently had discussions with a number of our entrepreneurs who are looking for key talent to add to their growing companies, and I am often contacted by people who are networking to find job opportunities. ITEN has a number of ways in which we facilitate talent and opportunity matching. … Read More


It’s been very gratifying over the past few months to have a number of our more active mentors and serial entrepreneurs come forward and offer to get more involved with ITEN. They’ve volunteered to assist us with our back office issues, help create new aspects of ITEN, help improve existing … Read More