Why This Graduate is Staying in St. Louis

The moment that I first referred to St. Louis as “home” led me two immediate reactions: [1] rapid backtracking to explain to my mom that Boston was still my home and yet, [2] realizing how true that initial statement was. I came to St. Louis because I had fallen in … Read More

Yurbuds Sale is Great for St. Louis

All of the details of Harman’s purchase of Yurbuds aren’t released yet, but we can assume that the deal is an excellent one for Yurbuds, their investors, founders, and employees.    The deal is also a great one for our region, and here’s why: 1.  Yurbuds is one of the … Read More

Calling all Tech Ladies!

I have been working for technology product or service companies for over 25 years and I am still just as excited about this field (that has no industry boundaries) as I was at the beginning of my career. Technology makes a difference in all of our lives, in so many … Read More

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The 10 Hour Startup

Most of the time, you hear founders of startups talking about their great idea that is sweeping in scale and scope. But last year I went to a meetup where the exact opposite was proposed: an idea that will take you exactly 10 hours to put together: or, as the … Read More

Why New Jersey needs to slow down its traffic

It is ironic that the same thing that got Chris Christy in trouble – delaying traffic into Manhattan — is being used by others to build a multi-million business. I am talking about network traffic for stock traders. Perhaps you have seen the stories about them based on Michael Lewis’ … Read More

Where is that Next Round?

(This blog written in 2012) There’s a lot of concern about access to capital after seed round for our local tech ventures. Two years ago if someone said this would be our problem in 2012, we’d have gladly taken it. In 2010 the only game in town for any early … Read More

Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Gratitude

2011 has turned out to be a pretty incredible year for ITEN and the development of our regional IT entrepreneur ecosystem. A real turning point happened this year. I’m not sure the exact moment when it occurred, but I know when many of us recognized it: It was somewhere between … Read More

Looking Ahead in the Ecosystem

As some of you know, ITEN’s mission includes identifying gaps and finding solutions. Here are thoughts and reflections about some of the remaining gaps in entrepreneur support in our community, and what ITEN is doing to address them for tech ventures: • Funding The region’s resources have come quite far … Read More