Applied Particle Technology Earns ITEN’s Mock Angel Certified Status!

March 14, 2019 – ITEN is very pleased to announce that Applied Particle Technology (APT) completed  the Investor Readiness Program and is our latest Mock Angel graduate! 

Applied Particle Technology is developing technologies to prevent lung disease. OSHA estimates 2.2 million workers are exposed to toxic dust annually. Current approaches are expensive, provide limited data, and are time consuming. APT has built a steam-lined monitoring platform featuring the world’s smallest wearable exposure monitors for occupational health and safety. There are approximately 150,000 companies in high risk industries. Specific markets include industrial hygiene, mining, steel manufacturing, and construction. By using this monitoring platform, businesses can reduce risk on compliance, repeated sampling costs, wasted time, and workers health risk liabilities. APT’s business model is based on monthly subscriptions for their hardware enabled Software-as-a-Service for basic real-time monitoring, calibration, and dashboard access.

If you are interested in learning more about APT, please contact: 
Jiaxi Fang,  PhD | CEO and CoFounder
Applied Particle Technology | St. Louis, MO
Mobile: (650)288-9061