10 Taboo Subjects About Becoming an Entrepreneur – Presented by Gv Freeman

May 19, 2019 – Gv Freeman hosted our virtual Expert Round Table event at Venture Café on May 14th.  Gv is a highly respected and sought after ITEN mentor because as an entrepreneur he understands the journey, and he is also a great advisor in self-care. 

Many people are attracted to becoming an entrepreneur without having an appreciation of the real challenges they will face.  Gv’s presentation shares the hidden truths no one talks about when launching and running a startup. He covers 10 subjects and here are a few we especially enjoyed and related too:

  • #1  There are more “unknown unknowns” than there are “known unknows.”
  • #3  If you build it they will come is a plot line not a business plan.
  • #5  You probably developed your product too early.

If you missed our event and would like to view Gv’s entire presentation, CLICK HERE.

Gv is also the author of the Saas Field Manual, offers 1:1 coaching, and supporting tools for entrepreneurs so make sure you visit his website for other great information and resources at GvFreeman.com